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Wii Fit Plus - Perfect Gift For Christmas!

Wii Fit Plus a Wii version is here. It's a kind of revision of the original, successful, and fast-forgotten version. It's not child's play to turn a balance board game of exercises into a long term fun video game. Even Nintendo, the designer of Wii Fit, may not find it easy. But, he has done it.

By the end of October 2009, this video game reported a sales figure of 22.5 million copies, which makes it the second best seller in video games. For those who are not familiar with this game, Wii Fit is an exercise game comprising various activities to be done by using Wii balance board in stock. This is a unique platform peripheral. It lets the software estimate the body mass index of the user, when it is fed with the user's height. This game features 50 different activities. It includes push ups, poses of yoga, and other forms of exercises. The game also allows users to take body tests. They can compare the results by installing "Wii Fit Channel" to the Wii Menu.

Wii Fit Plus a Wii version contains customizable elements. So, if you think you've overindulged in exercises, here is a new game designed to bring you back to normal exercise mode in a gentle manner. Well, if you're game for something more rigorous, then you are free to design your own regime by adding various forms of exercises and adjusting the time limit to 60 minutes.

The software also counts the calories that you burn and shows results in graphs that let you compare with other "players." The more you have people to compare, the more you will feel motivated to continue with the game. The Wii Fit Plus a Wii version is a more coherent package for training.

No wonder this can become one of the best Christmas gifts for your family and close friends. Come on now, who doesn't want to have a fit body? With New Year's Eve around the corner, Wii Fit can become your best friend in training your body. You will have no problem in getting this game, as it is already a rage this season. You can even visit and have a glimpse of what it's all about.

This Christmas, it's important to be fit and with the news that you have lost a few pounds! And if one of your family members has been breaking New Year's resolution to maintain an exercise regime every year, gift them a Wii Fit Plus and watch them keep the resolution this time!

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