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Open Fit or Standard Fit Hearing Aids --Whats the Difference

If it is decided you need a Hearing Aid after having a hearing test, you will find that there is now a wide choice. Not only are there various styles of Hearing Aids, such as Behind the Ear, In the Ear, In the Channel and Completely in the Channel, but there is now a further choice between Open Fit and Standard Fit Hearing Aids.

Standard Hearing Aids have changed considerably over the last few years, especially due to the miniaturisation of the Electronics within the Aid. Its miniaturisation has enabled the Aids to be made much smaller and therefore Behind the Ear Aids can be almost invisible. Also because of the extremely small size, Completely in the Channel Aids are virtually impossible to see. However, all standard Hearing Aids suffer from one major problem called occlusion, which is caused by the ear channel being completely blocked by the earmold . This gives a feeling of listening to sounds as if you were inside a barrel. Sufferers of high frequency hearing loss and low frequency response , are affected mostly..

Open Fit Hearing Aids overcome this problem because they do not completely close up the ear channel - Open Fit. There are two types of Open Fit, one has an earmould just like a Standard Fit Hearing Aid but it has small holes cut into the mould to allow the air and low frequency sounds to pass through, thus overcoming the blocked ear effect. A second type does not have an earmould at all but a very thin tube connects the Hearing Aid to the ear channel through which the amplified sound passes. This has the major advantage in that it does not block the ear channel at all and also, because the tube is very thin it can hardly be seen.

The Open Fit type of Hearing Aid which has small apertures in the ear mould can be used where the Aid is situated in the ear channel i.e. In the Ear. In the Channel and Completely in the Channel Hearing Aids, whereas the Open Fit using the very thin tube is used for the Behind the Ear type Hearing Aid.

The Open Fit Hearing Aid has other major advantages especially at the fitting stage. Whereas Standard Hearing Aids have to have an earmould specially designed to fit the suffers ear, the Open Fit Aid does not need a special earmould or in the case of the thin tube type, an earmould is not needed at all.

Because of the ease of fitting the open fit Hearing Aid can be fitted immediately with no waiting for an earmould to be made .

In conclusion the open fit Hearing Aid has a number of advantages over the Standard Fitting Hearing Aid especially for sufferers of Hearing Loss at the higher frequencies.However it must be pointed out that however good or expensive the Digital Hearing Aid is it will never be able to return the sufferers hearing to its origional state.

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