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Fit Over 40 Review

If you don't quite believe that life begins at 40, just take a look at people over 50 who are super fit-all achievers in their own right and above the 40 year marker. It kulturystyka will change your view of ageing forever. Fit over 40 is an excellent book that showcases the art of healthy living over 40. The book written by Jon Benson and co-authored by Tom Venuto (author of the best seller burn the fat and feed the muscle) is a tribute to people who have defied ageing against great odds. And it has changed my life, maybe even added years to it.

There are tons of book on anti-ageing and fitness, but fit over 40 stands out because of its sheer honesty and truth of purpose. It is the real life account of the author's journey from fat to fitness. He goes on to present 50 role models all over the age of 40 some fit like a fiddle at the age of 70 plus!

Best thing about fit over 40 is the truly amazing account of how Jon Benson like many of his role models managed to motivate people when they were almost on their deathbed. If you think that Jon and Tom just did interviews with celebrity fitness professionals and compiled a book then you are dead wrong! Most of the 52 people whom you'll meet in these pages are people like you and me. There are engineers, full time moms, and construction workers - literally from all walks of life. So if they could do it why not me? This will be the question that will hit you powerfully when you start reading these testimonials.

Fit over 40 does not prescribe any fitness fad drugs; instead it is sheer hard work, strategy and commitment. The real life success stories of all these people over 40 have a common thread running that is the application of knowledge and dedication. Jon brings in the concept of "5 pillars of anti aging" each pillar is so vital in building and sustaining your health and fitness.

Personally, I always wondered at super fit people who defy age by their stunning physique and athleticism. After reading fit over 40 I could get answers to the questions. How do they train? How do they eat? And how do they think? These questions are answered in simple but inspirational real life experiences. You can choose the role model that resembles your situation and work out your own schedule. There are no strict regimens or fancy diets prescribed in this book. Personal accounts of people who had actually done it share their secrets - simple yet powerful.

Fit over 40 discusses the strategies that really work. No bottles, no syringes no pills - pure facts. The book covers the entire gamut of anti aging starting right from how to build up your muscles, how to boost your immune system and above all how kulturystyka to harness this good health to halt the relentless march of heart disease, diabetes and continue to live a healthy life.

You can really slash inches and pounds off your body and look better, feel better and jump around with the boundless energy of a teenager. Fit over 40 is for all people who come up with excuses especially when it comes to their love life. In this book, you'll learn some techniques to re-charge your sex life too! The authors have thought through the process of anti-aging very systematically and it shows. It shows in the alacrity they dispose of 'doubting Thomas' questions with crisp, true life inspiring stories.

Each true account in fit over 40 could reflect your own experience. You can choose the one that fits your goal and work on that. It is kulturystyka not true that this book talks only about body building. But even if you want to become a professional body builder it will help you, but it is more of motivation to ordinary people who just want to feel good and healthy once they reach 40.

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