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What's the Fuzz about Wii Fit?

The long awaited Wii Fit game launched with success outperforming all's records by selling out their entire stock in one single day. It looks like Nintedo has got another hot selling title under their belt, this one aiming to be the fastest selling Wii game ever.

Opening the Wii Fit package you'll find the actual game and a wireless Balance Board. When layed on the floor in front of your TV, this kulturystyka board is used to interact with the game using it's pressure sensitive technology. It picks upp all directional shifts in balance which is used for different game variations.

Nintendo Wii is known for getting physical with the games but is it enough exercise to get you fit? Studies made on Wii Sports resulted in a weight loss of 12kg per year by using the included sports games daily, so with Wii Fit added to the consoles fitness arsenal we'll expect to see more people losing weight in front of the TV.

There are around 40 different exercises included in Wii Fit. They are divided into four categories: Aerobic exercise, Muscle conditioning, Yoga poses kulturystyka and Balance games. Examples of the training activities are:

Step Aerobic Exercise: Step up and off the Balance board to the rythm of nice background music.

Muscle Conditioning: Controlled motions using arms legs and other body parts.

Yoga exercise: Classic poses in Wii Fit focus on balance and stretching.

Ski jumping: Make a good jump by squating as low as possible, while maintinging balance, and then quickly standing up.

Balance Games: Wii Fit features fun activities, such as heading soccer balls and hula hooping, that challenge the Wii Fit player's overall body balance.

The Wii Balance board doesn't end with Wii Fit. Nintendo has already planned at least 10 more games that will support it's unique balance-based interface. All kind of games from fighting to sports games that suit this kind of controller.

A Wii Fit feature is the daily Wii Fit tests where results will be tracked and viewed by everyone via progress charts:

Body Mass Index (BMI): Weight based on a ratio of weight to height. Wii Fit Age: Measured by facturing the user's BMI reading, testing the Wii fit user's center of gravity & conducting balance tests.

Some very overweight persons kulturystyka might feel dissapointment that there is a weight limit of 136kg on the Wii balance board, but if they just work themself down to the weight limit and then start working with the balance board, they will surely lose some weight quickly just by having fun playing.

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